Peacestock Events in 2021

January 16 – Peace Forum

July 17 – 19th Annual Peacestock: A Gather for Peace

Event Details are coming later this year so check back soon.


What is Peacestock?

Peacestock is a mixture of speakers, activists, and musicians. Peacestock features timely topics and seeks speakers who are well respected on those topics. Browse the archives of previous Peacestock festivals for reference, and watch video of our speakers.

Where can I register for the 2021 events?

Registration information for our January and July events will be posted later this year. Registration information will be available online soon.

Who organizes Peacestock?

Peacestock is sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 115, in Red Wing and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, in Minneapolis, and has a peace-themed agenda.

Where can I connect to Peacestock on Social Media?

Facebook users: Please join our Peacestock Facebook page, found at
Twitter users: Please follow our Twitter account @peacestock, found at