2013 Schedule

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Friday, July 12th

5:00pm – Grounds open for setting up tents/ RV’s (no hookups)
7:00pm – Meet new friends; view the farm
8:00pm – Sit around campfire; there may be some musicians

Saturday, July 13th

8:30am – Breakfast on your own but lunch wagon will be available at 8:30am
9:00am – Opening announcements
10:00am – Official opening
10:40am – Misty Rowan – poet/activist
10:45am – Jack Nelson-Pallmayer – co-founder of MNASAP
Noon – Break for lunch, food vendor, more announcements and music
1:15pm – Misty Rowan – poet/activist
1:20pm – Kathy Kelly – Voices for Creative Nonviolence
2:45pm – Break
3:10pm – Misty Rowan – poet/activist
3:15pm – William Blum- author speaking title “Changing the American Mindset About War”
4:45pm – Music and more announcements
5:15pm – Supper will be served
6:00pm – Music jam by willing participants
8:00pm – Bonfire, more music jamming, meet new friends

Sunday, July 14th

8:30am – 10:00am – Light breakfast available; accepting donations for food
11:00am – Peacestock 2013 officially ends