2015 Music

Wild Colonial Bhoys

WCB-duo-imageAdam Coolong and Geno Carlson from the Wild Colonial Bhoys will be playing 2014 Peacestock!

Twin Cities-based Celtic rock powerhouse Wild Colonial Bhoys have just celebrated their 10th anniversary as a band. Whether playing festivals and touring as their five-piece, guitar and fiddle-driven rock lineup or as the acoustic guitar duo that started their career, the Bhoys have successfully forged their own niche within the Irish/Celtic musical genre. To describe their sound, do as Paddyrock.com suggests and “take the Young Dubliners, The Elders, Carbon Leaf, Great Big Sea and put them in a blender… you’d have a Wild Colonial Bhoys smoothie!”

Ten years, five albums and thousands of miles have transformed the Bhoys from a local favorite to a Celtic rock tour-de-force. With their innate musicianship and inspired live performances it’s easy to see why Wild Colonial Bhoys have become one of the best Celtic rock bands in the Midwest.

The Wild Colonial Bhoys are:
Adam Coolong—vocals and guitar
Geno Carlson—guitar and vocals
Tony Comeau—fiddle
Andy Schuster—bass
Pete James Johnson—drums

More info at www.wildcolonialbhoys.com