In an Irish pub in Minneapolis frequented by a Canadian and a Pennsylvanian, what began as a way to wind down and enjoy a few pints after rehearsals with their rock band became the focal point of their musical lives—the band that would take over the Twin Cities Irish music scene, expand to regional and even national recognition and would play to thousands and thousands of “fhans”. After a few pints and a few jam sessions in the pubs belting out whiskey-soaked renditions of traditional Irish laments, WCB was formed.

“We were really just looking for a way to incorporate more of an Irish flavor in our music”, says frontman Adam Coolong. “We loved the music and the atmosphere and wanted to emphasize our cultural heritage but I never expected that we’d still be doing it after ten years! It was one of those situations where things just clicked and we hit the ground running.”

“It was a pretty easy decision to make”, opines lead guitarist Geno Carlson. “We got such a nice reception from people that we both thought we’d be silly not to give it a go. We’ve been at it ever since.”