Not many bands can claim an eleven-year career, but Wild Colonial Bhoys are living proof that raw talent, dedication and honesty can still reap dividends in a cynical music business. The lads who started as an Irish ballad-singing acoustic guitar duo have matured into a Celtic rock tour-de-force and now have over a decade, five albums and thousands of miles behind them.

It all started in 2003—the band would go on to take over the Minneapolis/St. Paul Irish music scene, expand to national recognition and play to thousands and thousands of “fhans”. After a few pints and a few jam sessions in the pubs belting out whiskey-soaked renditions of traditional Irish laments, WCB was formed.

“At the time, we were really just looking for a way to incorporate more of an Irish flavor into our existing rock music”, says frontman Adam Coolong. “We loved the tunes and the atmosphere and wanted to emphasize our cultural heritage but I never expected that we’d still be doing it after eleven years! It was one of those situations where things just clicked and we hit the ground running.”