The Wild Colonial Bhoys performed at Peacestock 2016 repeating several previous appearances.

The Wild Colonial Bhoys are a highly acclaimed Irish rock and folk band based in the Twin Cities. They are one of the top bands at Irish festivals around the country. Their most recent album, On Our Own, received very high acclaim and they played some of those tunes as well as some other tunes they have not yet played at other Peacestocks.

The Bhoys’ sound has been honed by these past fourteen years of constant road work and recording, and they have really hit their stride. As explains, “take the Young Dubliners, The Elders, Carbon Leaf, Great Big Sea and put them in a blender… you’d have a Wild Colonial Bhoys smoothie!” Their sound is guitar-driven with a strong rock foundation, underpinned by Pete James Johnson on drums and Andy Schuster on bass.

Tony Comeau’s fiddle work adds the Irish lilt, guitarist Cole Mickelson provides the twang, and Adam’s vocals provide the cherry to the WCB sundae. “Our music brings together both Irish traditional tunes and American rock and country influences” fiddle player Tony Comeau explains. “We want to bring them together and express them all, since that’s how we grew up and that’s how we feel it’s most natural.”