Peacestock 2019: Military Service: Homeland Security or Empire Building? began early in the morning at Hobgoblin Farm, Red Wing, Minnesota, on Saturday July 20, 2019. Sponsored by Veterans For Peace, Chapter 115, Red Wing, and Chapter 27, Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Major Danny Sjursen is a U.S. Army strategist and former history instructor at West Point. A native of Staten Island, NY, he graduated West Point and led reconnaissance units in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He earned his MA in History from the University of Kansas and pursuing a PhD in History on the subject of Civil Rights in New York City. His recent book, a memoir and critical analysis of the Iraq War is titled: GHOSTRIDERS OF BAGHDAD: SOLDIERS, CIVILIANS, AND THE MYTH OF THE SURGE (University Press of New England, 2015). His work appears on TomDispatch, War on the Rocks, The Nation, WhoWhatWhy, and the Kansas City Star.